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Artificial Christmas Trees.

The x-mas trees guide for artificial Christmas trees will help you understand the differences in Christmas trees. When purchasing an artificial christmas tree, keep in mind that it will last around 15 years. So chose wisely.

Most home ceilings are 8 feet tall. A 7.5 foot tree will allow you to put a tree topper on the top of your artificial christmas tree. If you have vaulted or custom ceilings you will have to measure the ceiling height where you want the artificial christmas tree to be placed. It is also a good idea to measure the available floor area where the artificial christmas tree will be placed so you will know what the maximum width the tree can be. Some of the trees come in regular, slender, or slim widths. Select the following link to check out our beautiful Christmas tree toppers.

Generally there are two major ways manufacturers attach the tree branches to the tree pole or trunk;

  • The first way is the hook in branch construction where you put each branch into a bracket that is attached to the trunk pole. Usually these branches are color coded so you know which layer the branch is hooked into. If you lose the color coding tag, you can match up the branches by length. The longest branches go on the bottom bracket and the shortest branches are put on the top bracket. The hook in method is the cheapest to produce. The hook in branch style will take longer to set up and you will have to take off and put on the Christmas lights Christmas after Christmas over the 15 year life of the tree. You will have to determine if the time saved and additional mental stress is worth the savings in cost of the hook in branch construction.
  • The second and newest way is the hinged branch construction. The hinged branch process is the quickest and easiest to assemble of the two methods. Usually you will only have to put three trunk poles together. Since all the branches are permanently attached to the tree trunk pole with hinges, the branches just simply fold down into the correct position.

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