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Christmas Tree is an important symbol of the Christmas Festivities. The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree can be traced to the 7th century AD. In the past, cherry and hawthorns trees were used. Today, Scotch pine, Douglas fir, Noble fir, Fraser fir, Virginia pine, Balsam fir and white pine are popular choices. Besides these artificial Christmas tees are also immensely popular. The first artificial Christmas tree originated in Germany in the 19th century. They were made from green dyed goose feathers wound onto sticks drilled into a larger one like the branches in a tree. These minimalist trees also show of small ornaments beautifully. In 1913 these artificial Christmas Trees reached US. It is interesting to note that initially artificial Christmas trees were produced by the industries, which made brushes. The trees were made using animal hair, plastic bristles, dyed pine green color inserted between twisted wires that form the branches. These first trees appeared like long needled pine trees. Gradually metallic trees appeared in 1950s and 1960s. These trees used aluminum-coated paper and hence were vulnerable to fire. In 2000 outdoor-branched trees made of heavy white enameled steel wires illuminated with miniature lights became popular. Artificial Christmas trees are economical and easy to maintain. These trees are sometimes even essential in some rented homes due to the potential fire danger from a dried out real tree. It is also a well known fact that artificial tree is a good option for all those who have an allergy to conifers. These trees are close to real ones in appearance but are devoid of the scent. For this scent is often sprinkled on these trees. These trees do not need water and also the needles do not fall off thereby protecting the house from mess. The money saved by purchasing an artificial Christmas tree can be spent on buying more presents for your loved ones. These days, artificial trees come with hinged branches that no longer need to be assembled one by one. Many of them also come with holiday lights built in, enabling buyers to avoid untangling long strings of lights. The artificial Christmas Trees can be decorated with variety of decorations and ornaments like colored balls, ribbons, garlands miniature lights, angels, Santa Claus, candles etc. artificial christmas tree, christmas shop tree, christmas skirt tree, also known as christmas store tree. About artificial black christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree Facts.

Make sure that you know what the artificial Christmas trees stand is made of, plastic, metal, etc. If there will be children or pets around the tree you need to do a tip over test to see if the tree stand will hold a fully lit and decorated tree upright in case of an accident. Remember that a fully lit and decorated tree will be about twice as heavy. Plastic tree stands are cheaper and have a tendency to bend or break under stress. Metal tree stands are stronger and by far the best. The artificial Christmas trees needles are usually made of poly-vinyl. The length and softness of the needles are different. Also notice the different colors of needles within the branch. If there are shorter brown needles they represent the wood or bark of the tree branch. Cheaper constructed Christmas trees will just have the branch ends cut off square. A rounded or sculptured branch tip looks much nicer and more natural. The wire in the branch is very important also. The wire should be strong enough to hold your heaviest ornaments. As usual, the cheaper the artificial christmas trees, the thinner the branch wire will be. Then there is the artificial Christmas tree "tip count". Yes, tip count is a useless tool to measure the quality of artificial christmas trees. Discounters like to use the tip count because even the cheapest artificial christmas trees can have high tip counts and more is better in the eye of the uninformed consumer. What is important is that you cannot see through the aritficial Christmas trees and that the outer branches will allow your ornaments to hang freely on the tree. Select the following link to view our full line of premium quality tWhen you invest in an tree it is wise to purchase a premium quality tree that will last 15 years or longer. In the long run the quality and appearance of your tree will out weigh any additional cost or savings. Make sure you store your tree in a storage bag to avoid damaging it during the summer months. Do not to store your x-mas tree in it’s original shipping box. The shipping box will usually be to small once your tree is shaped. Using a storage bag you will avoid having to totally reshape your tree next season. Where ever you store your artificial Christmas tree it will probably gather dust insect residue and other harmful elements if it is not covered properly. To protect your investment in your tree, store it in a dust and insect proof Christmas tree bag. Select the following link to see our A tip to save money on larger artificial Christmas trees. A strong wood box placed under your tree stand will increase the height of your tree. When artificial christmas trees made taller by the manufacturer, larger more costly bottom branches are added. Instead of paying for a ten foot tree you can save around $80 to $200 if you purchase a 9 foot tree. Then place the artificial Christmas tree on a one foot tall box.  A tree skirt will hide the box. Select the following link to see our wonderful selection of If the kids or pets might be a problem, you could bolt a metal tree stand to a larger wood box or extension legs to increase the stability of your tree. With thousands of illustrated Christmas product listings, we offer the best selection of Christmas trees, lights, garlands, ornaments, animated figures, holiday music boxes and outdoor decorations available anywhere on the Internet.

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